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Mythically Masculine

Mythically Masculine

PriceFrom $6.00

Our products, but in masculine scents.

All Natural, Cruelty Free, Suitable for all skin types .Handmade in small batches. No mystery ingredients!

Nearly all major brands add water to their products. We do not!


Use body butters as a concentrated lotion, leave in hair conditioner, shaving cream, beard balm, moisturizer, etc..

A little goes a long way, use less than you think you need. You can always put more on if your first application isn't enough.

Each body butter jar contains 40g of body butter. - Some settling may occur during shipping.



Use our sugar srub in the shower to off that dry dead skin.

Make your skin mythically smooth.

Use before shaving to get a super close shave.

Each jar contains 6oz. of sugar scrub.

Caution - May make surfaces slippery.

  • Scent Description

    Centaur - Sweet orange sandalwood jam packed with spice notes.
    Gargoyle - A spicy combination of amber and red peppercorn blended with subtle hints of rich chocolate cocoa.
    Minotaur - Earthy, citrus notes over woodsy top notes.
  • How It is Made

    How Body Butter is made: Cocoa butter and coconut oil are melted and added to jojoba oil. Once cooled the mixture is then whipped into a fluffy consistency. Once light and fluffy the scent is added and it goes into little jars.

    How Sugar Scrub is made: Cocoa butter and coconut oil are melted and added to sugar. Fragrance is then added. Once cooled the mixture is packaged into jars.


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